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When the Law Society Gazette decided to write an article recently on the power of awards for legal firms, who did they turn to for advice? Well, us of course! (cue squeaky sound of blowing self-owned brass instrument).

In an article which you can read here How to: Win an award | Feature | Law Gazette, Director of Commspromise, Karen Levin, was quoted making the following key point on the power of awards:

‘Industry awards are one of the most powerful tools to recognise leaders in the legal market, providing both media and marketing opportunities, as well as a way of standing out from your competitors.’

Later in the piece, Karen provided some top tips for success:

‘I would always advise clients to think really hard about which categories to enter. Don’t enter an award for the sake of it. Have a good story to put forward. Once you’ve identified the most relevant deals, you need to be able to say why that deal is significant. If you can’t do that in a 150-word elevator pitch it’s probably not worth putting forward.’

With the big live legal awards now firmly back in the calendar, here are the other key reasons why entering awards are a great thing to do for your firm and your colleagues:

· Awards are an excellent tool for recruiting and retaining the best people

· Awards boost morale in your firm, recognise the hard work of your teams and showcase talented partners and specialisms

· Awards give greater confidence to your existing clients and stakeholders

· Awards can attract new clients as they show you are ‘best in class’

· Awards offer PR opportunities to increase the visibility and strength of the brand of your firm

· High profile events provide valuable networking opportunities

· Awards look great on your website or reception area

· Finally – for this year in particular – the event provides you with the chance as a team to finally come together in person!

If that hasn’t completely convinced you, how about this conclusion from the journalist of the aforementioned article: ‘Is it worth the effort? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

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