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Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Why spread your time across multiple comms activities when you could group them into one high-impact, efficient event that gives you short and long-term benefit? Quite simply, a win-win for you and the media. And why isn't everyone doing it? The answer is: media roundtables. Media roundtables are an invaluable tool for enhancing your reputation and building relationships with key media in a highly efficient way, delivering maximum impact for your investment. A regular programme of roundtables is even more effective. Roundtable events are small media briefings held in City locations, or virtually, with hand-picked key journalists covering the sectors that are important to your clients. They are a chance for your lawyers to present their ideas on a 'hot topic' and for journalists to ask questions. Here's our guide as to how to use them in the best way: Firstly, identify a topical theme for the roundtable. Choose a 'hot topic' and focus on changes in the market and discussion of what will happen in the future. Next, set a date and time in your lawyers' diaries. Agree a list of media contacts to invite and draft a short invitation - it is important to invite a small and select list of journalists who have a strong interest in your topic. Work with your lawyers on producing short, punchy presentations and produce a briefing note for them detailing the media attendees, their interests and recent articles. Include a Q&A for any questions that may touch upon key messages. Post-event follow-up is really important. Contact the attendees to see if they need any more information. Roundtables very often result in coverage or interviews and, failing that, future meetings or calls. Establish a regular pattern of roundtables and invite your key media to each of them. Over time, this is a very effective way of building relationships and establishing your lawyers as thought leaders in a given area. Roundtables work particularly well for boutique firms, as they have a very clear industry focus. They have also done very well for our clients in terms of launching thought leadership reports.

If you would like any assistance with media roundtables, we offer a comprehensive media roundtable service to help position your firm as thought leaders. We work with you from identifying a topical theme for the roundtable, through to selection of invitees, running the event and follow-up afterwards.

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